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How to read your bill

Your bill is broken into three key parts; overall cost summary for the account, cost summary for each phone line on the account, and call duration log. Please see the examples below to help you identify key information in your bill.

Overall Cost Summary

The first portion of the bill contains the primary account information such as the account number, billing address, and amount due for this billing cycle.

Summary of Local Service

The second part of the bill details the services associated with account and a breakdown of costs, taxes, and any fees for your local service area. A summary will be provided in a similar format for any additional phone lines on the account.

Long Distance Call Summary

The last part of your bill will consist of a call log for any long distance calls made on the account. This log lists the date, telephone number, location, and duration of the calls made during the billing cycle.

Updated on March 4, 2024

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